Understanding the guidelines for costuming is important, BUT ,YOU CAN BE CREATIVE! Not all outfits have to follow the restriction of being truly authentic in appearance. Some Cowgirls and Cowboys take creative license with outfitting and the results are FANTASTIC! 

Embrace your alter-ego and have FUN! 

Guidelines for Cowboy Action Shooting Clothing

Cowboy Action Shooting™ is a combination of historical reenactment and Saturday morning at the matinee. Participants may choose the style of costume they wish to wear, but all clothing must be typical of the late 19th century, a B-western movie, or Western television series.
The Single Action Shooting Society puts a great deal of emphasis on costuming because it adds so much to the uniqueness of our game and helps create a festive, informal atmosphere that supports the friendly, fraternal feeling we encourage in our competitors.
All shooters must be in costume, and we encourage invited guests and family also to be costumed. Shooters must remain in costume at all match events: dinners, award ceremonies, dances, etcetera.
ALL clothing and equipment MUST be worn appropriately, how it was intended and how it would have been worn in the OLD WEST or as seen on B-Western movies and television.